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Adapts to your changing lifestyle

Refrigerators for your home needs.

French Door

French Door - 795l, 788l, 595l

Stunning and stylish ultra-high capacity refrigerators saves you trips to the market. Modern designs feature 3-door or 4-door options.

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Food Showcase

Food Showcase - 768l, 580l

The Samsung Food Show Case Refrigerator is designed to improve the way you store food through an innovative 2-door system.

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Side by Side

Side by Side - 803l, 617l, 620l, 602l, 550l, 554l

More fresh space inside, More seamless style outside

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Top Mount Freezer

Top Mount Freezer - 850l, 810l, 720l, 650l, 600l, 500l, 488l, 450l, 420l

It's quick and easy to store and find all of your weekly grocery shopping

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