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Brilliance to Rely On

Innovations that make laundry easier

Half the time washing for a full clean


QuickDrive™reduces washing time by up to 50%and energy use by20%,without compromising cleaning performance.

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Add items any time

Washer, Combo (Wash&Dry)

Relax if you find a missing sock or need a shirt cleaned when you’ve already started the laundry.

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Wash Cool, Save Energy

Eco Bubble

Save a huge amount of energy* by washing large loads at low temperatures using EcoBubble™ technology.

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Easy pre-treatment

Top Loader

Activ dualwash™ includes a built-in sink and a powerful water jet for a one stop solution to pre-treat stains or hand-wash delicate items.

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Dry with less energy


Heatpump technology offers a more efficient, cost-effective and gentle way to dry clothes.

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