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AR Rahman
AR Rahman - Describe by many as the world’s most prominent and prolific music composer of recent times, Indian music icon AR Rahman is with HARMAN to promote the company’s popular JBL brand and its ‘Hear the truth’ campaign. The campaign is directed toward exciting music lovers across the world, while showcasing some of the greatest performers in the world who trust their sound to JBL. The addition of AR Rahman as brand ambassador follows the earlier announcement of a legendary assortment of mu

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez  - as the new brand ambassador for the iconic Harman Kardon audio brand. Looking to strengthen its regional market presence, the “Beautiful Sound” campaign as the company’s largest branding initiative, and has been designed to showcase the ultimate fusion between beauty and sound. Jennifer Lopez meanwhile, who maintains a large fan base in the  UAE, will star in the new ad introducing the Karman Kardon BDS audio/video home entertainment system with 3D blu-ray. The

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney – the British rock legend Sir Paul McCartney for JBL’s ongoing ‘Hear the Truth’ campaign, a strategic multiyear strategy showcasing an evolving roster of some of the world’s top musicians who want their fans to listen to music as it was intended to be heard. The former Beatles member will star in the leading company’s branding campaign. McCartney is the latest addition to the long list of internationally renowned artists like Maroon 5 and Grammy award winner A.R. Rahman. Acco

Music legend Quincy Jones & AKG Headphones
Quincy Jones is a legendary record producer and composer responsible for producing Michael Jackson’s Thriller album as well as the hit charity song “we are the world” so when he gets behind an audio product, it probably deserves some attention. The product in question this time around is a new line of the headphones by harman AKG, which the company is releasing under its new Quincy Jones signature line.

Harman @Burj Khalifa – The tallest building in th
Harman’s advanced soundweb processor’s has been used extensively to provide end-to-end networking at the Burj Khalifa. These advanced audio tools function on most of the Tower’s 164 floors. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is located in the Downtown district and constructed on a 500-acre plot widely. The building itself boasts some amazing statistics described as "the most prestigious square kilometer on earth".

Maroon 5
Maroon 5 - Our Hear the Truth campaign has feature many of the world’s top musical artists who will challenge listeners to "Hear the Truth" about how great sound can be with JBL equipment. The campaign will kick off with the GRAMMY® Award winning group Maroon 5, one of the hottest pop/rock bands on tour today. The currently boasts the Number One song on the Hot 100 charts, "Moves Like Jagger," featuring a special guest performance by pop artist Christina Aguilera.

JBL as the first commercial THX licensed cinema spe
The THX system specified loudspeakers units manufactured by JBL who have had many years of experience in cinema sound. The history of JBL Cinema Speakers is the history of cinema itself, when a company has a legacy nearly eight decades long, there’s little doubt that its ear is planted firmly on the ground. In fact, its namesake and founder James B. Lansing began his company building the world’s first Cinema Speakers. That commitment to the core components of cinema speaker design is why, today, JB

JBL provides sound to over 75% of Cinema Halls Worl
JBL has a strong commitment to the cinema market. JBL loudspeakers have been the overwhelming choice of music and movie professionals for more than 60 years, prized for their power, accuracy and dynamic range. JBL speakers are behind the screens of more than 75% of all movie theaters and hang in the rafters of premier concert venues worldwide. We have become the acknowledged leader in the field, and our products are routinely specified for major studios and post-production houses throughout the world.

JBL as the Official brand of LIVE MUSIC
JBL’s well earned reputation has placed its speakers in 70% of all professional institutions, including legendary recording studios, famous concert venues and premier movie houses. Throughout those 50years of technical breakthroughs, award winning designs and continuing innovations the facts still remain: JBL loudspeakers continue to be the one benchmark for quality, the singular reference for accuracy in the play back of recorded sounds; the leader, the innovator, the authority. JBL is a better know

Infinity as first separate subwoofer designed in th
The first system with a separate subwoofer was designed into its first product, the Servo Static I. Innovative Infinity technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques have advanced the science of sound, and have set new standards in loudspeaker technology and performance. The system consisted of two electrostatic panels for the highs and midrange, a separate bass commode, and an Infinity designed crossover/bass amplifier.

Harmanhouse Dubai Mall Showroom
A showroom encompassing 16,000 square feet of space is the largest harman audio visual experience showroom. The store offers AV enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the world’s largest & finest brands presented and displayed within various tailored environments. It is equipped with demo concepts including a living room, thematic Jacuzzi and bath settings, kitchen, Garden (beach atmosphere with speakers camouflaged as rocks), synthesis cinema offering a real movie theatre experience, conferen

Samsung as one of the world’s most valuable brand
Samsung was credited with developing the world's largest LCD TV screens, measuring 30 inches throughout the late 1990s. In 1998, the company began to produce flat screen models, as well the first line of digital TV's in the world. Throughout the early 21st century, Samsung has continued to lead the television industry, with inventions like the world's thinnest TV in 2002 and the first double-sided LCD screen in 2006. Samsung is first industry to sell more than 4 million LCD panels for TV’s per month.

Shanghai World Expo
Harman professional audio systems are installed in all permanent venues at the Shanghai World Expo, including the USA Pavilion, China Pavilion, Shanghai Theme Pavilion, and World Expo Center Exposition Center, as well as more than 25 performance venues across the complex. Harman entertained an estimated 70 million visitors to the six-month-long-exposition and Several dramatic multimedia presentations have been delivered via harman professional audio and a messages throughout the 60,000 square feet venu

Respected Musicians &Harman
Harman, As the sound system provider of choice to some of the world's most high-profile concert tours, the most successful blockbuster movie presentations and the most prestigious recording studios. harman has a long history on tour, concerts & events sound equipment sponsorship and in-studio with respected musicians including Frank Sinatra, Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Sir Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones as well as contemporary artists such as Jay Z, Missy Elliot, E

Harman with the sounds of luxury in Oasis of the Se
Highlighting the largest and arguably most difficult cruise ship assembly in the world, global design has outfitted Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas cruise ship with a multitude of BSS Audio Soundweb London processing devices. The ship's audio system, covering everything from background music, acrobatic, musical and comedic entertainment. The cruise liner contains four major theaters, each requiring a vast and greatly detailed sound installation. The ship’s Aqua theater, which hosts a variety of p

Harman Kardon First stereo receiver in the world
The company helped create the high-fidelity audio industry. Their first product was an FM tuner. Once year after its founding, harman kardon introduced the world’s first true high-fidelity receiver, the Festival D1000. This monaural unit was not only aimed at non-technical consumers but also incorporated many now-familiar features such as a tuner, component control unit, and amplifier on a single chassis. In 1958, harman kardon introduced the world’s first stereo receiver, The Festival TA230, once

Harman @ The Grammy
  Harman is the only company that has been given TWO technical Grammys in the history of the world. Harman got first one in 2005 for JBL sound reproduction and the latest one is for AKG in 2010. Also, Harman has long been a supporter of The Recording Academy and has to be deeply committed to the history and advancement of music and recording arts, but also very innovative in how it will bring this special history to a wide and large audience of music enthusiasts and history fans

FIFA World Cup
The FIFA World Cup was first established in 1924 and has grown into the world's most popular sports event. Global television broadcasts brought the opening ceremony to more than 200 nations, with a world-wide viewing audience of 1.5 million persons. During 2006 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony, the Harman Professional equipment has been demanded to provide the highest level of professionalism from sound designers and the supporting audio crew and also to create a tremendous level of performance expectat

Beijing Olympics
Harman Audio product powers Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Games. The stadium was created by elite design and architectural teams from all over the world affectionately known as the Bird’s Nest. The stadium normally has a capacity of 80,000, an additional 11,000 temporary seats helped accommodate the 91,000 spectators at the ceremony. 

Automotive audio & infotainment
Since introducing the world’s first car radio in 1949, harman has pioneered a continuing series of automotive multimedia innovations including surround sound, DVD video, turn-by-turn and 3-D navigation, wireless connectivity and driver safety features. An estimated 20 million vehicles on the road today are equipped with harman systems. This is believed to be the largest such project backlog ever implemented by a supplier in the automotive entertainment sector, spanning custom in-car audio, navigation

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