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Unlock a World of Culinary Possibilities with Samsung Microwave Ovens at Harman House

Whether you’re reheating leftovers, whipping up quick snacks, or exploring new recipes, Samsung microwave ovens elevate your kitchen experience with innovation and convenience. At Harman House, we’re proud to offer a diverse range of Samsung microwaves designed to cater to every lifestyle and culinary need. Discover cutting-edge features, elegant designs, and powerful performance that will transform the way you cook.

Explore our collection and discover features that will revolutionize your kitchen:

  • Convenient features like Smart Sensor for effortless cooking and Quick Defrost for rapid thawing.
  • Healthy cooking options like Healthy Steam and Slim Fry for guilt-free indulgences.
  • Sleek designs that seamlessly complement any kitchen aesthetic.
  • Powerful performance to handle even the most demanding tasks.
  • Advanced technologies like Home Dessert and Eco Mode for energy efficiency and versatility.

Reimagine your cooking experience and find the perfect Samsung microwave oven at Harman House. Browse our collection today and enjoy exceptional features, unmatched convenience, and delicious results every time.

Explore Our Samsung Microwave Ovens

Samsung Microwave Oven Solo with Full Glass Door MS20A3010AH/SG

Compact and stylish, this solo microwave features a sleek full glass door for easy cleanup and versatile reheating.

Samsung Solo Microwave Ovens with New Design & New Color MS23T5018AW/SG

Refresh your kitchen with vibrant colors and modern design. This solo microwave offers quick reheating and easy cooking in a stylish package.

Samsung Grill Microwave Ovens with Home Dessert MG30T5018AK/SG

Master effortless grilling and baking with this versatile microwave. Enjoy grilled favorites and homemade desserts with built-in features.

Samsung Microwave Ovens 28 Liters 900W Convection with Healthy Cooking MC28H5015AW

Cook faster and healthier with this spacious 900W convection microwave. Achieve crispy results and indulge in guilt-free options with Healthy Steam.

Samsung Microwave Ovens 32Liters 1000W Solo with Healthy Cooking MS32J5133AG/SG

Experience powerful performance and healthy cooking in this large-capacity solo microwave. Steam vegetables, defrost ingredients, and heat leftovers with ease.

Samsung Microwave Ovens 23Liters 800W Solo with Quick Defrost MS23K3513AW

Perfect for smaller kitchens, this compact solo microwave delivers rapid thawing and fast reheating with 800W power.

Samsung Microwave Ovens 32Liters 900W Grill with Eco Mode MG32J5133AG

Enjoy versatile cooking and energy efficiency with this 900W grill microwave. Eco Mode saves power while you grill meats, brown dishes, and heat your meals.

Samsung Microwave Ovens 23Liters 800W Grill with Browning Plus MG23K3515AK/SG

Achieve perfect browning and grilled textures with this compact grill microwave. Enjoy convenient features and delicious resultados in a smaller footprint.

Samsung Microwave Ovens 55Liters 1000W LATIN Solo with Smart Sensor ME6194ST/XSG-F009

Take on large family meals and group gatherings with this spacious 1000W solo microwave. Smart Sensor ensures automatic adjustment for perfect cooking.

Samsung Microwave Ovens 45Liters 900W Convection with Smart Sensor MC455THRCSR

Experience the ultimate cooking flexibility with this convection microwave. Convection fan technology and Smart Sensor offer even cooking and effortless convenience.