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Spark Their Imagination, Ignite Their Love for Music: Explore Kids Headphones at Harman House

Let every day be an adventure with Harman House’s collection of vibrant and safe Kids headphones designed for young ears. From noise-cancelling over-ear models to playful on-ear options, we offer the perfect way for kids to immerse themselves in their favorite music, audiobooks, and movies. Explore features like volume limiting, durable construction, and fun designs to find the ideal headphones that spark their imagination and ignite their love for sound.

Quiet Please, Fun Permitted: Noise-Cancelling Adventures Await

  • JBL JR460NC Wireless Over Ear Noise Cancelling Kids Headphones: Let little explorers enjoy their own world of sound with these feature-packed noise-cancelling Kids headphones. Featuring safe volume levels, comfortable design, and fun colors, they make listening safe and enjoyable while blocking out distractions.

Wired Wonders: Durable Adventures for Every Day

  • JBL JR 310 Wired On-Ear Kids Headphones: Built for playtime, built to last. These comfortable wired headphones feature volume limiting technology, vibrant colors, and durable construction, making them the perfect companions for young adventurers.
  • JBL JR300 Wired On-Ear Kids Headphones: Simple, reliable, and fun! These affordable wired headphones offer clear sound, comfortable design, and playful details, ensuring every listening experience is a delight.

Wireless Freedom, Worry-Free Fun: Untethered Adventures Begin Here

  • JBL JR 310 BT Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Kids Headphones: Give your kids the gift of wireless freedom with these fun and colorful headphones. Featuring safe volume levels, comfortable design, and long battery life, they let them enjoy their music and movies without restrictions.
  • JBL JR300BT UNO Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Kids Headphones: Small in size, big on fun! These compact wireless headphones offer vibrant sound, comfortable fit, and easy controls, making them the perfect everyday companions for little music lovers.

Visit Harman House today and discover the perfect headphones for your little audiophiles. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you find the ideal pair, whether you’re seeking noise cancellation for quiet focus, durable options for everyday adventures, or wireless freedom for on-the-go entertainment. Let the music play and watch their imaginations soar with Harman House Kids Headphones.