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A washing machine is the one essential home appliance of modern lifestyles. This washing machine lets you do your laundry with the press of a few buttons without wasting hours hand-washing each and every piece of dirty cloth. There are many global brands that make and sell high-end top-load, front-load, semi-automatic, and fully automatic washing machine.

Who enjoys doing laundry? Who enjoys going to the laundry? Well, if there is a pile of dirty clothes lying in your house, that only keeps growing every passing day, it’s time you did yourself and your family a favor by investing in a washing machine! Don’t own one? You’re missing out on a wonderful home appliance that can truly transform your lifestyle! Time-saving and hugely resourceful, a washing machine is probably one of the topmost recommendations when it comes to practical home solutions. Watch your favourite show uninterrupted or finish that cup of evening tea while your washing machine wraps up its job independently, in no time!

Buying a washing machine can be a daunting task if you see the number of models you have to choose from. But the task becomes a lot more manageable when you know exactly what your own requirements are.

From Samsung, there are a lot of choices to choose from. Confused about what to get? Let us take you through our Samsung Washing Machine buying guide! We leave the final choice to you.

There are endless choices out there for you to choose. Confused about what to get? Let us take you through our best-selling ones! We leave the final choice to you.

Your Samsung Washing Machine Buying Guide

Discover comfort with a top load washing machine

Eventually, it all comes down to comfort. Top load machines are much easier to use when compared to front-load washing machines. The advantage is that one does not have to bend to dump the clothes in. You can just place the clothes while simply standing. However, if you do have severe joint or back issues, you want to choose a top load washing machine without thinking twice. But, if you can adjust with these arrangements, then a front load washing machine is advantageous for spin speed, water consumption, or performance.

Front-load Washing Machine

A front-load washing machine has an effective wash technology. It removes stubborn stains in just one attempt. The top-load serves the same function as well but instead makes the clothes hard and is not as effective as a front-load. Problems like washing bulk or large laundries like blankets, bedsheets, or carpets fail to remove the tough stains and can result in an improper wash. These problems do not occur with a front-load washing machine and can even sustain the gentleness and softness of the clothes.

Semi-automatic Washing Machine

Semi-automatic washing machine require manpower. A semi-automatic washer can be affordable even for a common man because of its comparatively lower prices than a fully automatic washing machine. You have to manually add some water to the tub and drain it completely after the wash cycle. They are also advantageous as they help save water, as they do not need continuous water flow for its operation. Do not forget that semi-automatic machines are all top-load washing machines.

Automatic Washing Machine

Fully automatic washing machins can be categorized into front-load and top-load washing machines. Picking a fully automatic washer is a better decision when compared to the other ones. You can make your life easier as all you have to do is place your laundry into the drum and some detergent powder and start the operation. This can save your time and also deliver the clothes neatly and without stains. Note that these are all automatic features, and thus, these types of machines can be more expensive than semi-automatic ones.

Know The Right Washing Machine Capacity for Your Family

There are two things you should be considering when you are confused between a fully and semi-automatic machine. They are the machine sizes that include the capacity and dimensions, including height, depth, and width. A medium-size washing machine has a capacity of about 6-7 kg per wash. This is the general size of washers and is appropriate for small families. A large machine can accommodate at least about 8 to 9 kgs of clothes. There are also some models that can even carry a load of 11 kgs.

Samsung Washing Machines: Power, Convenience, and Style

Experience laundry redefined with Samsung’s innovative washing machines. Find the perfect appliance for your needs with a wide range of capacities, advanced features, and stylish designs. Explore our collection to discover innovative technologies like AI Wash, EcoBubble, and QuickDrive, and reimagine your laundry experience.

Simplify your laundry routine with the Samsung Front Load Washer 11.5Kg with EcoBubble AI Wash Auto Open Door WW11BB944DGBGU. This smart washer features AI-powered cycles for optimal cleaning, gentle EcoBubble technology for fabric care, and an auto-open door for convenient drying. It’s perfect for busy families, eco-conscious individuals, and those who appreciate smart features.

Save space and time with the Samsung Front Load Washing Machine with 11.5Kg Washer 8Kg Dryer Combo. This versatile appliance combines a powerful washer and efficient dryer in one unit, making it ideal for compact homes, apartments, or those who value multifunctionality.

Handle even the largest laundry loads with ease using the Samsung 17KG Capacity with Hybrid Heat Pump AI Dry and Bespoke Design DV17B9750CV/GU. This extra-large capacity dryer features energy-efficient Hybrid Heat Pump technology to save on energy costs, while its stylish Bespoke design adds a touch of elegance to your laundry space.

Enjoy top-load convenience and powerful cleaning with the Samsung 12Kg Top Load Washer with Ecobubble WA12CG6745BVGU. This reliable washer features Ecobubble technology for gentle and effective cleaning, making it a great choice for those who prefer traditional laundry methods or seek an affordable option.

Elevate your laundry experience with the Samsung Front load Washer with AI Ecobubble Bespoke Design 11.5 kg WW11BB904DGHGU. This stylish washer combines intelligent AI Wash to optimize cleaning cycles, powerful EcoBubble technology for deep cleaning, and a customizable Bespoke design to enhance your laundry room’s aesthetics. It’s perfect for style-conscious individuals who appreciate smart features and a personalized look.

Samsung Dryer 9kg with A+++ Energy Efficiency Quick Drive: Tackle laundry with speed and eco-consciousness. This efficient dryer boasts A+++ energy rating, QuickDrive technology for faster drying times, and gentle care for your clothes.

Samsung 20Kg Washer AI Wash Auto Dispense and Bespoke Design WF20B9600KV/GU: Conquer mountains of laundry effortlessly. This large-capacity washer features AI Wash for smarter cleaning, automatic detergent dispensing for convenience, and a customizable Bespoke design to match your style.

Samsung Washer 18.5Kg Dryer 9.5Kg Combo with Bespoke Design WD18B6400KV/GU: Wash and dry seamlessly. This spacious combo unit handles even the biggest loads with ease, boasting a beautiful Bespoke design to complement your laundry space.

Samsung WD11TP04DSB Big Capacity Combo with Quick Drive™ 11.5KG WD11TP04DSB/GU: Experience spaciousness and speed. This combo washer-dryer features a generous 11.5kg capacity and Quick Drive technology for faster drying times, making it ideal for busy households.

Samsung WW80TA046AE/GU Washer with Hygiene Steam, 8KG 1400 RPM: Refresh and sanitize your laundry. This powerful washer delivers 1400 RPM spin speed for efficient drying, while Hygiene Steam eliminates bacteria and allergens for a deeper clean.

Samsung 8.0 Kg Tumble Dryer DV80M5010QX/GU-R: Take gentle care of your delicate fabrics with this 8kg tumble dryer. Experience efficient drying cycles and consistent results thanks to its advanced technology. Perfect for those seeking a compact and reliable dryer solution.

Samsung Dryer with Reversible Door DV90M5000QX/GU-R: Customize your laundry space with this versatile dryer featuring a reversible door. Enjoy optimal drying performance with its powerful airflow and convenient features. Ideal for those who value flexibility and functionality.

Samsung 12KG Top Load Washing Machine Digital Inverter Technology WA12N6780CV/GU-R: Experience powerful and durable washing with this 12kg top-load washer. Digital Inverter technology ensures smooth operation and energy efficiency, while a variety of washing cycles cater to your diverse laundry needs. Great for those who prefer the familiarity and convenience of top-load washing.

Samsung 10 Washer Dryer – Combo with AddWash™ WD10N64FR2X/GU-R: Wash and dry in one seamless experience with this 10kg washer-dryer combo. AddWash™ lets you add forgotten items mid-cycle, and powerful cleaning technologies tackle even the toughest stains. Ideal for space-conscious homes or those seeking ultimate laundry convenience.

Samsung 7/5Kg Washing Machine Washer Dryer Combo with Ecobubble™: Enjoy smaller-scale laundry convenience with this compact combo washer-dryer. Ecobubble™ technology delivers gentle yet effective cleaning for your delicates, while separate washing and drying cycles offer flexibility. Perfect for apartments, studios, or those who have limited laundry needs.

Samsung Combo with EcoBubble™ 8/6Kg Washer Dryer: Wash and dry like a pro with this versatile 8kg/6kg washer-dryer combo. EcoBubble™ technology ensures gentle cleaning, while dedicated drying cycles cater to diverse fabric types. Ideal for those who value efficient laundry solutions in a compact package.

Samsung Washer Dryer Combo with Add Wash™ 9/6Kg: Conquer laundry day with this spacious 9kg washer/6kg dryer combo. AddWash™ lets you add forgotten items mid-cycle, and powerful cleaning technologies tackle even the toughest stains. Perfect for busy families or those who require larger laundry capacity.

Samsung 10Kg FLW Front Loading with AddWash™ WW10N64FRPX/GU-R: Experience modern laundry convenience with this feature-packed 10kg front-load washer. AddWash™ allows for mid-cycle additions, while SmartThings connectivity lets you control your laundry remotely. Ideal for tech-savvy individuals and those who appreciate stylish design and functionality.

Samsung 7kg Front Load Washer with Diamond Drum WW70J4373MA/GU-R: Take gentle care of your delicate clothes with this 7kg front-load washer featuring a unique Diamond Drum design. It protects fabrics from snags and tears while delivering effective cleaning. Perfect for those who prioritize fabric care and a compact laundry solution.

Samsung 8Kg Front Load Washer with EcoBubble™ WW80J4210GX/GU-R: Enjoy powerful and gentle cleaning with this 8kg front-load washer equipped with EcoBubble™ technology. It removes tough stains effectively while protecting your clothes. Ideal for eco-conscious individuals and those who seek efficient laundry performance.

Samsung 9Kg FLW Front Loading Washing Machine with Add Wash WW90K6410QX/GU-R: Tackle a full laundry load with this spacious 9kg front-loader. AddWash™ lets you conveniently add forgotten items mid-cycle, while powerful cleaning technologies conquer even the toughest stains. Ideal for larger families or those who value flexibility and powerful performance.

Samsung 9Kg Front Load Washer with Q-Drive AddWash WW90M64FOPO/GU-R: Experience cutting-edge laundry with this 9kg washer featuring revolutionary Q-Drive technology. It washes fabrics faster and more gently, while AddWash™ offers ultimate convenience. Perfect for tech-savvy individuals who prioritize speed, efficiency, and gentle fabric care.

Samsung Big Capacity Top Loading with Hygiene Steam 18KG WA18A8376GV/GU: Handle mountains of laundry effortlessly with this massive 18kg top-loader. Powerful and durable, it features Hygiene Steam to eliminate bacteria and allergens, leaving your clothes sanitized and refreshed. Ideal for large families, laundromats, or those who need to wash bulky items like blankets.

Samsung Washing Machine Capacity Wash & Dry with AI Control, 18KG/9KG WD18T6300GV/GU-R: Wash and dry seamlessly with this versatile 18kg washer/9kg dryer combo. AI Control optimizes cleaning and drying cycles, while spacious capacities handle even the biggest loads. Perfect for homes with limited space or those who value ultimate laundry convenience with smart features.

Samsung with Digital Inverter Technology, 12KG WA12T6260BV/GU: Enjoy smooth, quiet operation and energy efficiency with this 12kg washer equipped with Digital Inverter Technology. It delivers reliable cleaning performance with a variety of cycles to cater to your diverse laundry needs. Ideal for those who value durability, energy savings, and a classic top-load design.

Samsung 16Kg Front Loading Dryer Heatpump AI Control DV16T8740BV/GU-R: Take dryer technology to the next level with this impressive 16kg front-loader featuring AI Control and Heatpump technology. It dries laundry efficiently and gently, even for delicate fabrics. Ideal for large families, those who appreciate high capacity and eco-friendly drying, or those with specific care needs for delicate items.

Samsung 9Kg Washer with Hygiene Steam, 9KG WW90TA046AE/GU: Refresh and sanitize your laundry with this 9kg washer featuring powerful Hygiene Steam technology. It eliminates bacteria and allergens for deeper cleaning, while a variety of cycles cater to diverse fabric types. Ideal for those who prioritize hygienic cleaning and gentle care for delicates.

Samsung 8Kg Front Load Washer with Eco Bubble™ Hygiene Steam WW80TA046AX/GU: Experience powerful yet gentle cleaning with this 8kg front-loader. Eco Bubble™ technology tackles tough stains effectively, while Hygiene Steam eliminates bacteria and allergens. Perfect for those who value both stain-fighting power and hygienic cleaning while protecting delicate fabrics.

Samsung 7Kg Front Load Washer with Quick Wash, Drum Clean Delay End WW70T3020BS/GU: Conquer laundry day with this efficient 7kg front-loader. Quick Wash tackles everyday loads in a flash, while Drum Clean and Delay End features offer convenience and flexibility. Ideal for busy individuals who prioritize speed, efficient cleaning, and convenient scheduling options.

Samsung 10kg Front Load Washer with Eco Bubble™, AI Control, Add Wash™ WW10T554DAN/GU: Experience the future of laundry with this intelligent 10kg front-loader. AI Control optimizes cycles based on your usage, Eco Bubble™ removes tough stains gently, and AddWash™ lets you add forgotten items mid-cycle. Perfect for tech-savvy individuals and busy families who value smart features, powerful cleaning, and convenient functionality.

Samsung 9/7Kg Washer/Dryer Combo with AI Control, Add Wash, Air Wash WD90T554DBN/GU: Wash and dry efficiently with this AI-powered combo. AI Control optimizes cycles, AddWash™ lets you add forgotten items, and Air Wash refreshes laundry without water. Ideal for those who value smart features, convenience, and gentle fabric care.

Samsung 8/6Kg Washer Dryer Combo with Air Wash Drum Clean, Bubble Soak WD80TA046BX/GU-R: Enjoy versatile laundry solutions with this compact combo. Air Wash refreshes clothes without water, Drum Clean keeps your machine hygienic, and Bubble Soak tackles tough stains. Perfect for small spaces, apartments, or those who prioritize eco-friendly options.

Samsung Combo 17/9Kg Washer Dryer with Add Wash WD17N8710KV/GU-R: Handle bulky loads and conquer laundry day with this spacious combo. Wash 17kg and dry 9kg with ease, AddWash™ lets you add forgotten items, and powerful performance tackles any challenge. Ideal for large families, those with demanding laundry needs, or those who value extra capacity.

Samsung 7Kg Washer Dryer – Combo with AddWash™ WD10T554DBN/GU: Experience convenient laundry in a smaller package. This 7kg washer/dryer combo features AddWash™ for forgotten items, efficient drying cycles, and convenient functionality. Perfect for apartments, studios, or those who require a compact laundry solution.

Samsung Front load Heat Pump Dryer 9 Kg DV90T5240AX/GU-R: Take gentle drying to the next level with this 9kg heat pump dryer. Enjoy efficient, eco-friendly drying that protects your clothes from heat damage. Ideal for eco-conscious individuals, those with delicate fabrics, or those who value gentle yet effective drying performance.

Samsung Front load Heat Pump Dryer 8 Kg DV80T5220AX/GU: Achieve efficient and gentle drying with this 8kg heat pump dryer. Experience lower energy consumption and protect your clothes from heat damage. Perfect for those who prioritize both eco-friendliness and gentle fabric care.