Buy Now Pay Later

Online shopping made easy

Paying later gives you the freedom to try before you buy without the hassle of paying in cash

How it works

Shop now and pay for your orders later or in monthly installments at no cost to you


Select tabby at checkout and choose when you’d like to pay

Get your stuff

Receive your order and pay over time

Pay later

Pay from your tabby account when your payments are due. You can pay by credit or debit card

How it works

Free installments in-store with tabby. Sign up, get a QR code and checkout in seconds at any of our partner stores

Head over to the tabby URL

Sign up in seconds

Get a QR code

Simply scan your QR code at the cashier

Pay later

Sit back. Your next payments will be automatically charged from your card

Pay in installments

Get what you want

Buy today and pay in monthly installments

Absolutely no interest

Oh, and no fees either

Use any debit or credit card

Your payments will be automatically charged when they’re due

Terms & Conditions

  • For Buy Now Pay Later, maximum purchase up to AED 400
  • Pay In Installments, maximum purchase up to AED 1500