UP6 Aesthetic Care Solution


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Advanced Skincare Solution for professional at home skincare

With 6 modes of Galvanic Ion and 3d vibration, Complete your daily skincare routine using a device which helps in penetrating the cosmetics right into your skin! UP6 makes your skincare routine more effective and easy.

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Only 2 left in stock

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Advanced facial massager device with Galvanic Ion Technology for complete home skincare therapy at home.

The UP6 is a galvanic ion skincare massage device using 6 different modes.

Enhance your skincare routine by using this device for penetrating the activate ingredients and nutrients in your skincare routine like cleansing gels, moisturizing creams, anti-ageing serums, eye care treatments and masks for effective treatment.

All beauty treatments in one device

Clean up mode

  • (-) Ion massage helps to get rid of skin impurities
  • The titanium head can be removed, and a cotton pad can be placed on it for easy clean up
  • Helps in skin rejuvenation by leaving your skin soft and glistening

Eye Zone Mode

  • (+) Ion for massage around the eyes helps in relieving fine lines and wrinkles around the eye zone
  • Use with an eye care product to relieve dark circles
  • Reduces the feeling of puffy eyes and tired looking eyes especially at night.

Moisture Mode

  • (+) Ion massage of moisture mode helps to penetrate active ingredients in cosmetics deep into the skin to improve moisturizing
  • Helps in skin nourishment and skin renewal through moisturizer
  • Reduces effect of fine lines leaving your skin hydrated

Lifting Mode

  • (±) Ion massage of lifting mode helps to improve skin elasticity by simulating the skin muscles.
  • Use with anti-ageing products to relieve wrinkles and fine lines
  • Helps in skin firming by effectively stimulation of the facial muscles.

Mask Mode

  • (+) Ion massage of the massage mode helps in penetrating the active ingredients of the mask sheet deep into the skin to increase its effect.
  • Use with any available facial masks
  • Helps in pushing the nutrients of the mask to increase its efficiency

Vitamin C Mode

  • (-) Ion massage of Vitamin C mode helps to penetrate Vitamin C into the skin
  • Use with any Vitamin C serum, essence, or cream at night right after clean up mode as oil on the skin blocks Vitamin C from its actual nourishment.
  • Helps in brightening the skin and muscle lifting

Key Features

3D Vibration
Galvanic Ion Massage
6 Modes
Slide Touch Pad
Music Therapy
Color Therapy
Titanium Head

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