UP6 Aesthetic Care Solution


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Advanced Skincare Solution for professional at home skincare

With 6 modes of Galvanic Ion and 3d vibration, Complete your daily skincare routine using a device which helps in penetrating the cosmetics right into your skin! UP6 makes your skincare routine more effective and easy.

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Only 3 left in stock


Advanced Skincare Solution for professional at home skincare

With 6 modes of Galvanic Ion and 3d vibration, finish daily skincare routine from basic to advanced at once!

Delicate and effective skin care solution UP6 makes your skincare routine works easier and more effective.

Key Features

3D Vibration
Galvanic Ion Massage
6 Modes
Slide Touch Pad
Music Therapy
Color Therapy
Titanium Head

3D Vibration

Using our patented unique vibration technology, which transforms sound wave into 3D vertical vibration, UP6 delivers physical vibration deep into your skin and muscles, improving blood circulation and skin rejuvenation.

Enjoy a variety of massage effects through the specialized 3D vibration pattern of UP6 with each mode.


Effectiveness of 3D sound wave vibration massage
  • Deep massaging effect on wide skin area
  • Activate skin metabolism through blood vessel expansion and blood flow improvement
  • Increase penetration of nourishment into skin by weakening the surface tension of cosmetics
  • Improve skin tone and elasticity by forming healthy skin cells.

Galvanic Ions

The mechanism of penetrating ionic cosmetic ingredients or ionic drug deep into your skin by applying a small current and changing the electrical environment on your skin.


  • Clean Up mode – Deep cleanse care with (-) Ion, remove skin impurities and make up residue from pores
  • Eye-zone mode – Delicate care with (+) Ion for the sensitive eye zone
  • Moisture mode – Bring in skin nourishment with (+) Ion to maintain oil and moisture balance
  • Lifting mode – Anti aging care with (±) Ion to increase elasticity
  • Mask mode – Special care with (+) Ion which helps to penetrate active ingredients of mask sheet effectively
  • Vitamin C mode – Vitamin C brightening care with (-) Ion

6 Modes

Color Therapy

Applying 5 types of color LED enhances effectiveness of each functional modes of UP6

Red 625-700mm

Improve blood circulation, production of collagen and skin elasticity

Purple 400-420mm

Promote skin regeneration when relieving acne scars

Blue 440-500mm

Clam skin and relieve skin troubles, Sebum control

Green 520-565mm

Activate skin metabolism, improve skin tone, Skin smoothing

Yellow 565-590mm

Skin muscle energy generation activate skin movement, improve skin flushing and pigmentation

Music Therapy

Music therapy function is 3D sound vibration technique which transforms musical soundwave into 3D vertical vibration. Enjoy rhythmical massage of your favorite song.

How to use music therapy
  1. Connect UP6 and smart phone (MP3) with sound cable.
  2. Turn on UP6 and play music. UP6 will vibrate according to the sound wave of music.
  3. Select from 6 modes and level of strength, then enjoy the massage.
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